The Fall, 2011 NCCSAH event was a all day tour October 22 by Caltrain of five historic San Francisco Peninsula railroad stations. We are of course grateful to Caltrain for providing transportation (!) and also want to thank the following tour guides who gave us excellent tours of the five railroad stations:

Vern Bruce, Millbrae Historical Society, led the tour of the Millbrae Railroad Depot; Russ Cohen, Hillsborough-Burlingame Historical Society, had a talk about and led the tour of the Burlingame Railroad Depot; Steve Staiger, historian with the Palo Alto Historical Society, gave a presentation about the history of the Palo Alto Railroad Depot; Robert Marshall, CEO of the South Bay Historical Railroad Society led the tour of the Santa Clara Railroad Depot and related buildings; Rod Diridon, Director of the Mineta Transportation Institute, gave an excellent Powerpoint presentation on high-speed rail and led the tour of the Diridon (Cahill) Railroad Depot in San Jose.